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Who are we?

De Colores brothers and sisters in Christ, 

On behalf of the North American Caribbean Group (NACG), it is with great honor and humility that we welcome you as a member of the NACG for 2018 - 2021. It is the hand of the Holy Spirit that called us, as servant leaders, and the gift of God that allowed us to say, yes. May the Holy Spirit guide, enlighten and unite us as one through friendship. 

The responsibilities entrusted to us will present a number of challenges. If we hold steadfast as God's instruments and, most importantly, as friends, we can confront these challenges, together, by staying on task, remaining vigilant, and working prayerfully in Group Reunion through friendship. Indeed, God will bless our playful and collaborative efforts immensely. 

Let me use this opportunity to introduce you to our NACG Executive Committee: 

Our Team

I have been married for 26 years to my wife Ely who is also, a cursillista. We live in El Paso TX and we are immigrants from Mexico; Ely from Guadalajara, Jalisco and myself from Chihuahua, Chih. We have 5 children, Aranatxa, Hugo, Rogelio, Mariana, Maximo. We have been active in our Dioceses Secretariat, Regional Coordinator, member of the National Secretariat and chairman of the Executive Committee. 

Was born in Aurora, Illinois, to Mexican immigrant parents from the state Michocán. I have been married to Jose Juan Garcia Since February 13, 1999 and we have two miracle babies; Adam Francis (14) and Santiago Issac (9). I lived my Cursillo in April 2000 in the Diocese of Rockford, Illinois. I have been rector, rollista, and cooked for many cursillos, but most importantly, I have made many deep friendships!  I have been blessed as I continue to trust him every time he has called me to serve him through this movement; having served in the Dioceesan Secretariat as a member of the School of the Leaders, then as a Lay Director. More recently have been blessed to be one of the representatives of FEBA USA (Eduardo Bonnin Aguilo Foundation in the United States).

Although I never knew Eduardo Bonnin personally, the humble instrument that the Holy Spirit used to embody and share the Foundational Charism with us; I have also learned to trust him as a friend in heaven, as i continue to know Christ more and through Eduardo's spiritual friendship;  through his books, notes and most importantly his friends and charism. I hope to continue serving the Lord and spreading the NEWS, that God in Christ loves us; you and me, through this service of friendship through the NACG. 

I lived my Cursillo in April 1997 in Washington DC. After eight years serving in the United States Senate and 20 years as the Director for international Affairs for the US department of Labor, I retired in 2013 from 41 years of Governement service to fulfill God's call to my life in Cursillo. 

I have served in many leadership roles in the Movement at local, regional and national levels, including the Executive committee of the US National secretariat. I have worked many English Cursillo de Cursillos throughout the U.S. God called me to the NACG after preparing through many yearsduring international work as a career. 


I am a wife, mother, and joyfully, a nana to three wonderful granchildren; Lauren, Alana, and Jordan. Most importantly I am a servant leader of the Lord who enjoysreading, traveling and spending time with family  and friends, as I live my life in friendship. 


Jim Santos 


I lived my cursillo weekend in March 1990 in Newburgh, New York. I have been involved at all levels of the movement, including serving as Lay Director of the United StatesNational Secretariat. I have been involved with there English Cursillo de Cursillos since CDC #5 in Bridgeport, CT in March 2011. 

I am a Teacher at Port Jervis High School where I teach Regents and College Chemistry, and serve as an adjunct professor at Syracuse University and SUNY orange. I hold a BS in Secondary Education from Mount Saint Mary College, and an advanced certificate in Educational Administration from Long Island University. 

I reside in middletown, NY, with Martha, my wife of 35 years. we have a daughter, Nicole and a son-in-law Liam, a son, James and daughter-in-law catlin, as well as 3 beautiful grandchildren; Ellory, Declan, and James. 

Fr. Alex Waraksa
Spiritual advisor

I have been a priest of the Diocese of Knoxville, TN, since !990. I currently assists five parishes in Hispanic Ministry. I lived my 3-Day Cursillo in September 1997, and have served on most Cursillo weekends in my diocese since then. I have also served as Region 4 Spiritual Advisor since 2009 and have attended most National Encounters in USA since 2006. 

in November 2013, I was selected to serve as National Spiritual Advisor for the Cusrilli Movements in the USA. 

It is important that we begin our service as friends. Thus, let us engage in an ongoing dialogue to get to know one another, define our way forward, and stay on course through quarterly meetings by way of SKYPE, teleconferences, etc. let us organize ourselves in the holding of a second NACG encounter as one of our first joint tracks. 


Our prayers remain with you, and the OMCC, as we grow in friendship through the gift of cursillo. May our loving service be guided by our deeper understanding the foundational charism as given to our founder, Eduardo Bonnin, by the Holy Spirit. May our Lady the Virgin of Guadalupe cover us and protect us with her precious cloak in this exciting yet challenging new adventure. Long live Eduardo Bonnin!

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